Roll Call

The Brave Men and Women who Selflessly Serve the Citizens,
Communities, and Business of Vermilion County, Ilinois.


Patrick Hartshorn

Criminal Investigation Division
Captain M. Hartshorn
Sergeant D. Heckerson
Investigator S. Jones
Investigator B. Norton
Investigator J. Watson
Investigator P. Alblinger
Administrative Assistant - Beth Christian
Patrol Division
Captain D. Wood
1st Shift 2nd Shift 3rd Shift Strike Force
Sergeant B. Hurt Sergeant N. Beddow Sergeant E. Deck  
Sergeant T. Damilano Sergeant K. Smitley Sergeant D. Trimmell  
Deputy R. Barnes Deputy P. Miller Deputy W.C. Leverich Deputy T. Cruppenink
Deputy R. Wells Deputy S. Moody Deputy A. Watson  
Deputy J. Bozarth Deputy T. Pasquale Deputy S. Nicholson  
Deputy R. Goodner Deputy A. Bruens    
Deputy J. Miller Deputy J. Haley    
Deputy K. Huckstadt Deputy B. Gardner    
Deputy J. Wright      
Deputy D. Showers      
Deputy K. Janesky      
Deputy C. Turner      
Deputy J. Barney